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Food worth travelling for..

Did you know that the average plate of food, served at your table has travelled approximately 21,000km to get to you?

Why should we frequent Farmer’s Markets…….first of all and importantly to you, it means that the products you are buying are fresher, they were picked, baked and made ready for the market, they are good quality, have been handled by people who are passionate about food and will they will have a great shelf life. It also gives you the opportunity to talk to these passionate people and hear the stories behind the food you are buying.


What does this mean for the environment….by supporting the ‘buy local’ movement you really are “Thinking Globally” – the first statistic illustrates this. As a general rule, food purchased at a Farmers Market contains less packaging. By purchasing local produce you have limited the carbon footprint of your household.

What does this mean for the region …..buying locally is so important for our regional producers; this past summer has truly brought home the importance of supporting our people. There are a lot of producers who need a retail outlet to assist the viability of their businesses. Farmers Markets give people options! It really is possible to live the dream of owning your own property and producing food when the region gets behind local food. Every dollar you spend at a Farmers’ Market goes directly to the producer.

Thinking local is not limited to benefitting local food producers; research inVictoriahas shown that for every one dollar spent in a Farmers’ Market, two dollars are spent in the local business community.

Perhaps most importantly Farmers’ Markets provide the opportunity for producers and consumers to come together in a vibrant, energetic environment. This is your chance to talk to producers, understand the processes the food you are purchasing has been through and learn how animals are managed and crops are nurtured. This is the opportunity to understand what is in peak production in our local area right now.

This is truly food with a story.


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