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My name is Eve and I live in Sydney, Australia. I love to cook, and am keen to try almost anything once.
I have a tendency to do tweak things to ‘my way’ ……I find it very very hard to follow a recipe strictly by the book, afterall nothing I make would have that “Eve- ilicious” trademark 🙂

Here goes…………….. my very first experience with blogging.  I’m still finding my way around, but eventually I would like this site to be a place where I can chat about what I’ve been cooking and other food-related experiences  …I love Sydney for it’s fantastic melting pot of ethnic cultures and cuisines, it’s diverse & delicious! 
I’ve been an avid stalker of all things food related for far too long….food blogs, recipe books, farmer’s markets, chefs, restaurants and umpteen out-of-the-way specialised food stores. I do have a VERY willing and hungry friends that love food almost with as much passion as I do..luckily!!

I love food and I want to share my culinary experiences. I detest the thought of enduring boring food for the sake of providing necessary fuel for my body.I’m determined to find ispirational food to create and consume & share my journey with others.


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