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Ham and pineapple pizza, the children’s favourite!

I had my lovely younger sister and her three children to stay for the weekend, it was a wonderful, busy and fun filled Sunday spent in Sydney city. The children reside in the country so taking public transport is somewhat of a novelty when they come to stay…. so we managed to travel by various means to and from my home on Sunday; train, tram and ferry all in the one day!

We visited the Powerhouse Museum and the boys loved the interactive Wallace and Gromit exhibition, I think that the planes and spaceships came a very close second! We then meandered through Chinatown to Cockle Bay for a late lunch by the harbour and after a few more adventures arrived home that evening… with three very hungry and tired children.

The children helped to make pizza for dinner [afterall it would be remiss of their Aunty to not serve their favourite foods!] It is always very hands-on preparation with multiple little hands vying for the toppings to assist and something that even the 2y.o enjoys creating. It’s such a quick and easy meal to make and every last piece is savoured by all…. win-win!

What is your fail safe, quick and easy crowd pleaser for children after a long day out & about?

Ham and pineapple pizza, the kid's favourite!


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