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Snowy Mountains rainbow trout

Snowy Mts rainbow trout

A simple dinner with fabulous ingredients, from the Marrickville markets. The star of the dish was the very fresh Snowy Mountains Trout and the inspiration for my meal.

All the fish needed was a simple sauté of leeks and fennel with thyme cooked over a low heat until soft and amalgamated, then a dash of cream to add richness, such a perfect match to the moist fish!

Whilst the vegetables were cooking away on the stove top I popped the lovely fresh trout  into a pouch of greaseproof paper with some dill and lemon slices and a knob of butter, I also put some soba noodles into a pot of boiling water.

Only minutes later all the elements are ready and I plate up a delicious dinner of rainbow trout with creamed leek and fennel served with soba noodles.

rainbow trout

I’ll definitely be heading back to visit their stall at the Marrickville Markets and hopefully some day I’d like visit the farm and see their production inperson.

Here’s the link to the provider of the fabulous trout



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