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Homemade Cordial

Homemade cordial come with three big benefits – first, you can make it far tarter than most of the commercial ones; second, it actually tastes like the fruit you’ve made it from; and, finally, you get to see quite how much sugar goes in to making the cordial, which means you’ll be more cautious about how much you use!
This recipe will work with pink grapefruit [pictured below] lemons, madarin or a combination of citrus.
3 cups of strained juice
finely grated zest from 4 fruit
2 kg castor sugar
1 litre water
30g citric acid
30g tartaric acid

Heat the sugar and the water in a large saucepan until the sugar completely dissolves

Add the citric and tartaric acids and stir them to dissolve as well.

Add the citrus juice and the zest to the sugar syrup.Leave to infuse for 1/2hr then strain into a jug

Using a funnel, slowly pour into sterilised bottles.  

Ensure that the glass bottles are hot when you add the hot fruit syrup, as the hot syrup will crack them otherwise. [Wear washing gloves as this will protect your hands and wrists from the hot syrup]

To serve: dilute with 2/3 sparkling water or soda water or perhaps a clear spirit for the grown-ups like Gin or Vodka….whatever takes your fancy!

Pink Grapefruit Cordial


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  1. Hello Eve

    Recipe looks good but you need a weight indicated for the limes as they vary markedly in size and weight and substitution fruit do also.


  2. Recipe has now been updated to millilitres rather than fruit size, much more accurate!

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