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Hello there stranger…..

Well I seem to have been Missing In Action for quite some time, my apologies.

Life seems to have got in the way of my blogging, that’s not to say that I haven’t been cooking, photographing and eating well during the prolonged absence [my waistline can attest to this!]…… Put simply, my computer completely died. It had to be completely rebuilt into another machine, a huge drama as I thought that I had lost all my years of photographs, documents and music. The hard drive was cactus as well, so after much deliberation and wrangling I seem to have everything on a new laptop and another backup in place..fingers crossed it will never, ever, ever happen again.

I have soooooo much to catch-up on that I’m not sure where to begin, will be easing my way back in and am certain that I will now keep a more regular presence @ Bland Resistance, I promise!


About BlandResistance

A crusader for the cause of all those who feel they are enslaved by a mundane and boring should be a celebration of flavours!

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