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Even though I live in a relatively small apartment in Sydney, I still want to be able to produce my own food. I thankfully have a northern aspect for my balcony and this Spring I have decided to become more self sufficient and grow my own vegetables and herbs in the limited space available. I also want to recycle if possible, so given these requirements I visited my local green grocer and asked if they had some spare polystyrene  cartons that I could use…..I walked away with 5, which was perfect!

I then bought some potting mix, compost and mulch and some plants and I was ready to start my own vegetable garden.

I tend to buy green vegetables, herbs and salad leaves every week and wanted to grow plants that would fit into my allotted space, grow quickly and supplement my grocery shopping.

I purchased seedlings of the following: heirloom tomatoes, globe zucchini, basil, celery, cherry tomatoes, dill, basil, shallots a and a variety of lettuces





I will be taking photos each week to monitor the progress of the plants and this should give me knowledge to work out what I will replant again next year.

I’m looking forward to harvesting the homegrown produce over the coming Summer months …and eating the rewards of my labours of my balcony vegetable garden.



















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A crusader for the cause of all those who feel they are enslaved by a mundane and boring should be a celebration of flavours!

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