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Homemade goat’s milk ricotta

I was given a cheese making kit from my mother some time ago, when she was attending an interstate food & wine trade show…’s been sitting in my cupboard waiting for a ‘special’ menu or group of friends to join me in devouring the labours of my cheese making skills.

Needless to say, we should never, ever, wait for special occasions and just use our ‘special’ favourite crystal glassware, silver cutlery, expensive shoes or gourmet ingredient because before you know it the item has been sitting there as a ‘special’ item for a year and no one has had the benefit of seeing or using the product…crazy I know!

Anyways….. I finally got around to trialing the kit, and it was soooooo simple and easy to use and it made me wonder why I had put it off for so long!

I use ricotta regularly, it’s a great ingredient to lighten an otherwise heavy cheese and bulks up a dish too. I was contemplating how much I love goat’s cheese, though I realise that it’s not to everyone’s taste and I got to thinking that I’ve never seen a goat’s milk ricotta for sale…so why not make some!

I decided that 1 litre would be a good amount to start with, enough to experiment with and if the flavour wasn’t quite right then it’s not a huge amount of wastage…but then again, when was then last time you had a failure in the kitchen that was unusable, in my case not since I was a teenager [many moons ago!]

OMG….it is sooooooo devine, I will be surely making it again [and again, and again!!] over the warmer months ahead!

I used the silky, creamy homemade goat’s milk ricotta in the following meals over the past week:

-Pumpkin, spinach and ricotta lasagne [homemade pasta]

-Goat’s cheese ricotta, fresh thyme & basil and parmesan ravioli with browned butter

-Grilled zucchini, lemon zest, roasted garlic, goat’s cheese ricotta and watercress salad

-Bruschetta with goat’s cheese ricotta, fresh thyme, roasted walnuts, drizzled with honey


Here’s the link to the Mad Millie site that sells the cheese making kits if you are looking for one…


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