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Looks can be deceiving…

Ritual Restaurant has served me one of the best meals that I have ever eaten, twice….a big call I know!

Jewels of the sea, Ritual Restaurant

The location and decor of this unassuming restaurant really had me a tad concerned the very first time that I visited, it is tucked away in a very ordinary and somewhat dated suburban shopping strip some distance away from Nelson Bay’s marina. …this may have also been because I had invited a group of friends from Sydney and given that it is over 3 hours away we all were staying in Nelson’s Bay for the night at a new modern apartment with a seaview…..No pressure whatsoever for the weekend to live up to my rambling, glowing renditions of the chef Kenzler’s take on molecular gastronomy techniques!! 🙂

Be aware that this is no ordinary food, so come with an open mind, prepared for textures, flavours and delivery you could never have anticipated. The ten-plus course ‘tasting journey’ will take your tastebuds where they have never before ventured. …A menu inspired by Dorothea McKellar’s poem “My Country” was the most memorable of the meals that I’ve enjoyed at Ritual…especially Carl’s interpretation of ‘ a land of sweeping pains’ portrayed as a dessert!

‘My Country’ – Ritual Restaurant Menu

I have also been surprised by dishes as varied as crocodile in white chocolate sauce, emu with passionfruit and lavender, warmed tom yum ‘ravioli’, wasabi ice-cream… the list is endless!

Relying on matching mainly organic and biodynamic (and often local) produce according to its chemical composition – often employing unusual combinations – without exception the result is mind-blowing but delightful dining experience.


REVIEW BY SALLY HAMMOND “I am the scientist and Carl is the chef,” says Kelie Kenzler, from perhaps NSW’s most ground-breaking restaurant.These brave and talented people, who describe their cuisine as ‘avant-garde’, are pioneering culinary boundaries in the style of molecular gastronomy experts such as Spain’s Ferran Adrià and the UK’s Heston Blumenthal.Chef Kenzler’s experience on the Sunshine Coast and his wife’s science degree makes this a unique partnership.

Dine here soon as the space is limited and by dinner any night is by reservation only. As Winner of Best New Restaurant, 2008 (Newcastle & Surrounds) Ritual Restaurant is beginning to get a lot of attention!

Average cost of main course: $85 for a 10+ course Tasting Journey

$115 with matched wines (tasting glasses) ..highly recommended!!

Ritual Restaurant, Armidale Avenue, Nelson Bay, NSW  Tel.  02 4981 5514


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